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Four Seasons Equestrian started out as a small idea that is now growing and expanding. Offering every aspect of Equine Care & Training, Four Seasons Equestrian can help build and develop horses and owners confidence together in a professional, yet sympathetic and experienced way.

Each and every one of us started our equine journeys because we had one common interest, and we believe it’s time for all of us to move forward and be the best that we can be.


Here at Four Seasons Equestrian we are a small, professional, friendly team, providing the highest standards of care, schooling, training and riding tuition.


We cater for all horse and rider abilities, and have an extensive knowledge of helping all to reach their full potential.


Sarah is a BHSAI/Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship. She has worked in a variety of different equine sectors some of which are: racing, showjumping, dressage, riding schools, studs etc. She has also ridden and handled a wide variety of horses including foals, young stock, stallions and competition horses. 

Sarah is currently working towards her BHS Stage 4 Coach in Complete Horsemanship.

Eloise currently holds her BHS Stage 1 in Complete Horsemanship as well as a Level 2 Diploma in Horse Care and Riding including a business management section. Eloise is currently working towards to her BHS Stage 2 in Complete Horsemanship. 

She is also currently re training her National Hunt Racer to hopefully event in the future.

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Meet the Horses, Summer, Mini, Wizz, Ziggy, Rocky


Summer is a 6yr old part bred Mare who was born in 2013 and is Wizz's daughter. She is also Sarahs horse.

Summer had a slightly tricky start to her life being born exceptionally early. Defying the odds and with a massive input from Liphook Equine Vets, she made it through and has now been lightly backed and beginning her education.

With regards to her work Summer enjoys long reining to the beach, loose jumping and lunging. 

Summer has never grown out of her love for cuddles, kisses and still thinks she can sit on your lap! She loves all forms of attention especially bathing, where she likes to be in charge of the hose and she never fails to make you smile.

In 2020 Summer will be continuing her education with the hope we may be able to teach her to ride and drive.



Mini Mouse is a 11yr old Thoroughbred Mare who in September 2018 became Eloises first horse. Mini was a national hunt racer for Warmwell Stud, who had a need for speed! 

Since joining, Mini has been undergoing re schooling and training both on the ground with double lunging/long reining and under saddle to prepare her for a new career. The re training has really helped to improve her jumping technique as she has learnt how to bascule over a fence. She has also developed her ability to work long and low to develop a strong top line as well as lots of different pole work exercises.

Mini has also developed an interesting sense of humour and constantly keeps us on our toes!

In 2020 Eloise is hoping to get Mini to her first event and a string of competitions, as well enjoying plenty of hacking and time at the beach.



Wizz is a13yr old Welsh part bred Mare who in 2012 became Sarahs horse. Wizz had a successful ridden career until the age of 7 where she enjoyed a wide variety of work including dressage, show jumping and hunting.

She really enjoyed her dressage and was regularly scoring high sixties - mid seventies.

Since retiring Wizz turned her hoof to in hand showing which she loved and was always in the ribbons and was loved by the judges.

Her main job now is looking after her herd of horses and escorting them to the beach and around the lanes whilst making sure they all know who is in charge.

In 2020 Sarah is hoping to get Wizz out showing again with work preparations underway and of course plenty of hacking.




Ziggy is a 7yr old Appaloosa Gelding who joined the Four Seasons Equestrian team in 2019. 

Fortunately for Ziggy he was saved from an uncertain future. Since being with us he has blossomed into the sweetest, most honest horse we could have wished for, who's favourite thing in the world is cuddles! 

Ziggy spent part of last year being completely restarted on his arrival to us and by the Autumn, he had developed a love for loose jumping as well as under saddle. His schooling is coming along beautifully now showing some real potential and the ability to stretch and hold it while maintaining a stronger topline, which is something he really struggled with previously. 

In 2020, we are looking forward to getting him out to a few competitions and plenty of time at the beach.



Rocky is a 7yr old Cob type Gelding who is currently on Full Livery at Four Seasons Equestrian.

Rocky originally came to us for a month to develop his schooling and work on a few trust issues he was having. Since this, Rocky is now living with us full time and most of the trust issues have disappeared now he is in a correct routine and an environment where he feels comfortable and safe.

Rocky is showing that he really enjoys his schooling and has been beginning to start more lateral work to help him strengthen as well as remove his old holding patterns. He also loves pole work and had just started working on some loose jumping which he showed a liking for, he also loves his hacking in company and will go for miles.

In 2020 we are hoping to get Rocky out to a few competitions both ridden and in hand.



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