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Emily Spry

I can highly recommend Four Seasons Equestrian - their horse care and horsemanship is second to none. They truly care for clients horses as if they were their own. I'm always welcomed onto their yard and always see improvements in the horses. It's so refreshing to come across upbeat, ethical and authentic trainers who are genuinely motivated to see progress in both horse and rider.

Testimonial, Lessons, Teaching, Schooling, Confidence Building, Progression

The Ewing's & Rosie

Sarah at Four Seasons Equestrian is a natural around horses.  She understands and respects the animals and is firm, but always fair.  Sarah got to know our daughter quickly, and gave her the confidence to ride her young pony, despite her nervousness.  She is kind and caring and knows instinctively how to teach both the pony and it’s rider, ensuring that they both reach their full potential in the given time.  Her lessons are filled with enjoyment and fun.  Sarah helps us to understand our pony, as well as learn how to ride and control her. She gives advice and answers our questions and concerns however silly they may be.

Full Livery, Training

Alison & Rocky

My horse is on full livery & I cannot thank them enough for all the care & work they do with him & the support they provide me in gaining my confidence with him. We would not be where we are today without them.


Testimonials, Lessons, Livery, Tuition, Yard Care, Horses, Welfare


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